Thursday, May 13, 2010

Big News

Hello all,

I wanted to share the events of the past week and some big news with everyone.
This past Monday, I was informed that due to various understandable reasons, Michael David Hair Design would be closing at the current location, and downsizing to a smaller location in Rancho Bernardo. The tricky part of this news was the fact that the last day of business at MDHD will be May 29. All appointments at the salon until May 29 will be kept as scheduled.
Michael David Hair Design will be moving to Iberia Place in Rancho Bernardo with a planned opening date for business of June 1st. The phone number of (858) 549-1301 will remain the primary contact number. The website will also remain the same as well, and will be updated soon with information about where all of the stylists from MDHD will be working.

All of my appointments will be made directly through me from now on. Please plug my direct line into your cell phones:


Though the front desk staff at Michael David will be missed tremendously, I am actually looking forward to handling appointment booking myself. It will be reminiscent of my first two of my ten years at Michael David when I worked as a receptionist.
I will be returning calls before and after work, and also during color processing times. This will enable me to best serve you all and respond quickly, but I will not be talking on the phone during your one on one time with me. I also can send and receive text messages on my cell phone as well, and I encourage that as a quick and easy form of contact.

I will also receive emails currently at:

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to take a big leap and open my own studio. The setup will be designed for personal one on one attention, and I am aiming to try and match or even exceed the customer service you have all grown to expect from me. Great magazines, great hair and great refreshments will all be present ; )

To grasp this unique opportunity, I am having to relocate to Mission Valley. Fortunately, the distance between my old location at Michael David and my new studio is eleven miles, and Google estimates that WITH traffic it is a fourteen minute difference between the two.

I realize that this location will be more convenient to some of you, and a bit less convenient for others. I took into consideration that Mission Valley is very central, with access from every major freeway. Mission Valley is also home to arguably the best shopping in San Diego, and I am hoping that there will be a reason besides your appointment with me to make the trip.

I have been positively overwhelmed by the support and love I have felt so far in taking this endeavor. I have no doubt that the friendships I have made at Michael David Hair Design will last a lifetime, and please know that all parties involved are rooting unanimously for each other.

I will be calling each one of my amazing clients by phone in the next few days. I am happy to answer any questions you all have, but here are a small list of things I can think of to share about this change:

- ALL appointments that have been made with me will be honored. I will call each of you to confirm that you'd like to keep your appointments at the same date and time at my new studio

- All of my prices will be remaining the same as they have been since my last increase in 2008, and I will still be accepting all forms of payment

- I will be carrying Pureology products for sale at my studio, and can also provide you an array of products at your request

-The new studio has a very large free parking lot for your convenience

- My hours are even more flexible now. Though I am still trying to maintain Sundays as my day off, and some Saturdays, I will do my very best to accommodate your schedules

- I will be requesting email addresses when I call you all this weekend. I will not be filling up your inbox, but I look forward to sharing occasional promotions with you.

- I am preparing an introductory email with detailed driving directions and a map to guide you easily to my new salon studio. I think after one trip the path will be very easy to remember. The studio is one minute off the freeway.

The location is off Mission Center road, near Benihana restaraunt and T.G.I. friday's

404 Camino Del Rio South. San Diego . CA. 92108

Whew! So that's the BIG news that I am so excited to share, though I won't lie and say the decision was easy after 10 years at the same salon. I'm still a bit scared, but I am growing more excited with each loyal client who says they will join me on this new journey, and each friend and family member who cheers me along.

I am still thinking of names for the studio, care to help me choose?
Ones I have thought of are:

Audra Rene` Studio
Beauty Studio by Audra Rene`
AR Beauty studio

I am open to suggestions! I have only thought of studio names for all of an hour or so since I finalized the deal. Please feel free to leave me any comments or suggestions, as I need all the help and support I can get : )

Thanks with love,